Are you thinking of having a respray on your car? Or maybe your motorbike? Or maybe bike? Or even a small boat?

Having a mixing system on site we can offer a wide rang of colours and have over 1000 colour chips for you to pick from, once your have found a colour you like or maybe your stuck between 2 colours we can provide you with a colour sample on whats called a speed shape to give you an idea of what your colours will look like on your car. We can offer a rang of finishes from solids, metallics, pearls with a matt or gloss finish.

Having a respray you have 2 options: 1 Being just having the outside of your car done, so no door or boot shuts or inside of doors and boot. 2 Being a full job so we do inside your door shuts and doors, inside your boot shut and boot lid and the inside of your front wings. We would only do the engine bay if the engine was removed. Option 1 is the cheaper option for having a permanent respray.

If your thinking of a respray but don’t want the cost of a full respray or you don’t want to mess up your original paint work then look at are cardip tab.

Feel free to give us a call about any information you’d like or fill out a form and we will get back to you.

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